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Jirisan Agricultural Cooperative Federation

100 sticks of red ginseng extract from Jirisan

100 sticks of red ginseng extract from Jirisan

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Wanga Red Three Jung Stick 100
Give your health to a precious person
You can easily consume the rich concentrate of red ginseng with a stick.
It is made with Korean red ginseng for 6 years. It has a total of 100 days.
Boost your immunity!
The whole family can enjoy their health together.
It can be consumed by men and women of all ages.

Red ginseng with 6 years of experience in Korea
Korean ginseng is a perennial root plant, and its unique body shape is completed after six years, and its contents, including saponin, are faithful.
It is excellent in saponin content and types, and among ginseng, red ginseng made of ginseng for 6 years is of excellent quality. 

Red ginseng root: Red ginseng with fine roots removed and contains a large amount of bisaponin active ingredients.
Red rice ginseng: refers to the fine roots of ginseng, and contains a lot of active ingredients of jasaponin.

Raw ingredient ratio: 70% red ginseng root, 30% red rice ginseng, 60% solid content or more

Wanga Hongsamjeong Stick 100 contains 10% of New Zealand deer antlers extract.

safe manufacturing process
We manufactured all manufacturing processes from cleaning raw materials with state-of-the-art systems.

Traditional ingredients (sub-materials)
Red ginseng for 6 years is the main ingredient and a good ingredient for the body is added.
We put 17 kinds of ingredients in one package, including Ikmochosubu, jujube, arrowroot, arrowroot, oak root, cheonggung root, peony root, tangerine fruit bark, jihwang root, sapju root, ginger, yellowfish, young mushroom, Bokryeong bacillus nucleus, licorice, jujube concentrate, jihwang, and malt.

It can be consumed and carried anywhere at home, work, or school for 100 days a day.

It's a healthy food for the whole family. It's the best gift
Give it to the people you are thankful for. ^^

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